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Quality tenant representation is essential to holding successful commercial real estate for your business. Unlike a real estate agent or broker, a qualified tenant rep broker doesn't offer landlord representation and therein, avoids a conflict of interest. Instead, they put their best efforts into their client's needs and protect the space where your business operates, as well as broker better lease agreements and find a better space for your company.

Discover how we at Goodale & Barbieri provide quality tenant representation services and deliver real estate strategies that only have your interests in mind.

Expert Tenant Representative Insights & Strategic Planning Geared at Helping Your Business Succeed

Goodale & Barbieri Company is both an experienced tenant rep and your exclusive agent in the negotiation of commercial, industrial, retail, office, medical, and specialty space. We act as your advocate, advisor, and partner in navigating through the challenging issues involved in finding the right business location. It is of the utmost importance to us that our clients end up in the location that will serve them the most in achieving success.

Our clients count on our understanding of the commercial real estate options available throughout the Spokane and greater Inland Northwest region to provide excellent representation. Our focus is on your future.

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Why you should choose G&B as your exclusive tenant rep broker

Our core values are honesty, trust, and integrity informs our ability to provide the best representation. Our commercial real estate brokers and tenant representatives have a fierce commitment to your success. From day one, we are relentless in our pursuit of your goals.

When you partner with the G&B tenant representation team, you’re joining a team of local professionals who have extensive knowledge of our market area. Our familiarity with landlords and area dealmakers give our clients a decisive advantage and access to the best spaces for their business.

Comprehensive Tenant Representation Services

The G&B tenant representation team takes a three phase approach to commercial real estate advisory. We know that striking a balance between your budget and business goals is your top priority, and we work from the very beginning of our relationship with you to lay the groundwork for a strategic plan as your tenant representative.

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Phase I - Exploration & Discovery

During our initial consultations our tenant reps will examine your business objectives and existing strategic plans to gain a deep understanding of your industry and unique business offerings. G&B has a talented team of commercial real estate brokers by your side at every step, helping you craft the best long term strategy and a clear pathway to reach each milestone along the way to your goals.

During our exploration and discovery phase we’ll explore:

- Needs Analysis
- Criteria Development
- Market Analysis
- Scenario/Situation Planning

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Phase II - Strategic Scouting & Selection

For over 80 years, G&B has been a leader in commercial real estate throughout Spokane, Coeur d’Alene and the greater Inland Northwest region. Our storied history and expertise, along with close relationships with area builders, local governments and industry leaders give us a unique opportunity to locate the most strategic location for your business.

During the strategic scouting and space selection phase, your brokers(s) will work with you closely in order to identify the best space that protects your margins & budget, and aligns with the strategic plan developed in phase I.

Our tenant reps will walk with you through:

- Site Location Development
- Building/Market Tours
- Financial Analysis
- Submitting of Proposals/Negotiations
- Site Selection

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Phase III - Negotiation & Delivery

The final phase of our tenant representation process navigates the pathway to project delivery. Once a space is selected, our expert negotiators go to bat for you, ensuring a fair deal and acceptable project timeline. We’ll closely examine all contracts and documents so that you can feel confident that elements of your project meet legal and local requirements.

Once your business is ready to launch, we stay with you in the following months and years so that we can share in your success, provide assistance at any time, and watch your business grow in the space chosen.

During this final step in the process, we’ll assist you with:

- Project Implementation
- Negotiations & Strategic Development
- Documentation/Finalize Lease
- Build Out/Project Coordination
- Follow Up Services (after business opening)

Discover Representation That Betters Your Commercial Real Estate Business 

If you would like to know more about how our tenant representation team can help you, please contact us today, and let our market expertise help your business meet its full potential.