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Goodale and Barbieri Company is dedicated to the interests of each of our clients and we diligently apply our thorough understanding of the Northwest commercial real estate market. We play an integral role, lending critical perspectives to develop strategies to enhance the value of our client’s real estate asset. The end result is a selection of meaningful choices for our clients that can help them meet their short-term and/or long-term objectives.

Northwest Commercial Real Estate
Goodale and Barbieri commercial real estate

With over 80 years of comprehensive industry experience and extensive market knowledge, you can rely on Goodale & Barbieri Company for intelligent recommendations to maximize your properties’ performance.

Goodale & Barbieri is more than a brokerage firm. Our fully integrated commercial real estate platform provides the resources required to make every real estate project successful in each phase of the investment lifecycle. We understand that simply finding tenants to fill your building is not enough, and that a deep understanding of occupier trends in a dynamic and evolving retail environment is critical to optimizing financial returns over time.

Our Approach To Landlord Representation

Every single deal completed should have a positive effect on the asset and the client’s bigger value creation picture. We help our clients identify their specific real estate needs while providing seamless integration with their long range growth and financial objectives through various strategic tools.

We harness our deep understanding of tenant and landlord expectations to identify the unique advantages of your property and position it to thrive in your market. Our experience working closely with tenants gives us the ability to effectively promote your property to qualified and valuable tenants who are aligned with your vision for the property.

At every step of the way, we work to build strong relationships that foster tenant retention, which in turn gives us ample opportunity to secure optimal rents. Whether you have a single assert or an entire portfolio, our landlord representatives are ready to negotiate profitable and lasting deals on your behalf.

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Offering A Comprehensive Suite of Landlord Representation Services

We measure the market and take a data-driven approach to attracting and identifying a desirable tenant mix. Our landlord representatives analyze occupancy trends in the market area, monitor proposed and upcoming projects to identify opportunities or risks, and examine the underlying conditions of the market area to inform our strategies. Our landlord representative services include:

Product Positioning Product Positioning
Prospecting/Canvassing Prospecting/Canvassing
Financial Analysis Financial Analysis
Comprehensive Lease Negotiation Comprehensive Lease Negotiation
Creation of Marketing Strategies Creation of Marketing Strategies
Target Marketing to Suitable Prospects Target Marketing to Suitable Prospects
Property Management Property Management
Construction Management Construction Management
Tenant Retention Strategies Tenant Retention Strategies

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