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Goodale & Barbieri is the Northwest’s leading consultant of exceptional residential developments

Goodale & Barbieri Company has served as the development consultant on both subsidized and market rate projects. The close coordination between our development, management, and operating professionals allows us to deliver exceptional services and value to our clients. Our Residential Development team offers a full range of services, from concept to ongoing management. Goodale & Barbieri Company’s financial experts, accountants, sales personnel, and professional engineers are resources that are readily available to the development team.

Goodale & Barbieri is an industry leader in residential development and has provided development services on more than 50 Multi-family projects across the Northwest in past years. Every project presented to Goodale & Barbieri Company has been completed with the creative combination of funding and the strong support of the local community.

Our team of experienced residential development consultants has successfully driven developments across Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

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A trusted and reliable partner for residential developers across the Northwest

Developers across the region trust G&B because of our decades of hands-on experience and exceptional attention to detail and service. Our team of residential development consultants oversee every step of the residential development and multifamily development process. Our services include:

Property identification
Zoning and entitlement support
Site investigation
Permitting management
Market analysis
Construction management
Land acquisition
Financing and exit strategies
Property management
Equity investment services

And many more white glove services tailored to your unique needs. Our comprehensive approach to residential development is aimed at removing roadblocks and streamlining processes so that you can focus your time and attention on project elements that move you toward success.


Why Residential Real Estate Developers Choose G&B

Established in 1937, Goodale & Barbieri has achieved notable success throughout Spokane and the greater Northwest region. Our team of commercial real estate professionals have earned a glowing reputation as providers of exceptional value and deep industry expertise.

6.25 Million Sq. Ft. of Development

1,200 Residential Units

$400,000,000 In Transactions

Our local roots and longstanding relationships with engineering, development and financing partners across the Northwest enable us to provide personalized solutions that address the unique needs of our real estate developer partners. Our consultants know the communities we serve, and offer a wealth of resources backed by decades of local experience.


Explore Our Latest Residential Developments

The G&B residential development team has successfully delivered over 50 residential and multifamily projects across the Northwest, and our portfolio continues to grow. Browse some of our recently completed projects and contact our Residential Development Consultants to learn more about how we can help you get your residential project off to a successful start.


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