1937 G&B Building

Louis Barbieri

After graduating from Gonzaga University, Louis Barbieri began working for F.M Goodale in property management.


Company became Goodale & Barbieri

Lou Barbieri became Mr. Goodale's partner and the company assumed its present name of Goodale & Barbieri Company.


Lincoln Building

Goodale & Barbieri developed the Lincoln Building in Spokane, Washington. The company offices were here and home to five employees.


Residential Division

The company began its Residential division, working with Apartments, HUD developments, and subsidized housing.


Hospitality Division founded

Goodale & Barbieri founded a hospitality division and opened Cavanaugh's River Inn in Spokane.


David Peterson

David Peterson began working for Goodale & Barbieri Company.


Thomas Barbieri

Thomas Barbieri began working for Goodale & Barbieri Company.


IBM Building

Goodale & Barbieri developed and constructed the IBM Building (currently known as the RLH Building). Company offices moved to the ground floor. Lou became Chairman of the Board of this family-owned company.


Cavanaugh's Hotel and Mall Complex

The company opened its fifth Cavanaugh's hotel and $20 million dollar shopping mall complex in Kalispell, Montana.


G&B Select-a-Seat

Goodale & Barbieri Company began operating G&B Select-a-Seat, which present day operates as TicketsWest and WestCoast Entertainment.


50th Anniversary

Goodale & Barbieri Company celebrated their 50th year of business with a strong tradition of service to Spokane and the Inland Northwest and a commitment to innovation, progress, and economic development.


G&B Goes Public

Goodale & Barbieri Company went public on the NYSE as Cavanaugh's Hospitality Corporation.


WestCoast Hotels

The company purchased West Coast Hotels.


Red Lion Hotels

The company purchased Red Lion Hotels. You can read more about Goodale & Barbieri Company's history with Red Lion Hotels here: Red Lion Hotels


Goodale & Barbieri Purchase

Thomas Barbieri purchased Goodale & Barbieri Company from Red Lion Hotels Corporation with longtime coworker and Goodale & Barbieri Company employee David Peterson.


G&B Acquires Lincoln Plaza

Goodale & Barbieri Company purchased the Lincoln Plaza Building, located in Downtown Spokane and in 2008 relocated its main offices to the building with 90 employees.


75th Anniversary

Goodale & Barbieri Company celebrates their 75th year of providing superior real estate management, leasing, sales, and development services to the Pacific Northwest.

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Company History

Goodale & Barbieri Company History

Goodale & Barbieri Company is celebrating over 75 years of providing superior real estate management, leasing, sales, and development services to the Pacific Northwest. The company is privately owned and was established in 1937 by Louis Barbieri and Frank Goodale when they purchased Washington Trust Company's Property Management Division. Today, our client base includes properties we have managed since the 1930's, as well as some of downtown Spokane's most prominent buildings. Throughout its history, Goodale & Barbieri Company has been involved in real estate transaction in every block of the core of Spokane. Use the Timeline Feature above to learn more.